Friday, March 16, 2007


Fr. Tom Lawler, S.J., vocation director for the Wisconsin province of the Jesuits, has started a new website for those discerning a Jesuit vocation. It's called ThinkJesuit. He also this week started an accompanying discernment blog called "Sifting the Spirits," where he was kind enough to link here, and even ordain me slightly prematurely! Check it out! And let me know what you think about the site (not all negative, please!). I'll pass your feedback on to him.

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Blogger MMajor Fan said...

Thank you for posting this link! I just visited the site and blog and like them very much. It's well designed and very open. I like the option to check if Fr. Tom is online, and the invitation to meet and learn about the others in the community.

I hope that many in the Jesuit community take time to comment in reply and discussion to each blog post. Even if they feel that they are talking to themselves, I know that many young people like to read and observe before making a query. So I think that it could be a great resource for Jesuits to comment and discuss each entry in the blog, bearing in mind that it gives the casual reader, who might be discerning, a chance to almost sit in on a discussion. That's one reason I make an effort to post a comment, because after twenty years in the information technology business, I know that many people like to read actual "conversations" as a way to learn and discern. So it is not something to be self conscious about or artificial, if Jesuits carry on conversations via the comment feature of blogs. It's a very real way to use the technology for those who are still in the observation and discernment stage.

A great beginning and many blessings for fruitful results!

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