Thursday, March 15, 2007

See You at Daily Mass Dan Shaughnessy?

Boston Globe Sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy doesn't like Holy Cross' chances in the NCAA tournament. So, to illustrate his point he says:

"This means that the Crusaders are the AARP's team in the NCAA. Folks who remember Holy Cross's glory days are the same people who still go to the racetrack, buy newspapers at the airport, and attend daily Mass. Fact is, Holy Cross hasn't been a major player in college basketball since the days when people associated March Madness with Edward R. Murrow's CBS report on Senator Joseph McCarthy."

1) Which is just nasty, and pointless.


2) Demonstrates that Shaughnessy hasn't been to daily Mass in a while, since he seems to think that no one under sixty attends daily Mass.

So, maybe all us under 60 daily communicants need to pray for Mr. Shaughnessy--and maybe Holy Cross too :)

And, hey, if you want to let Mr. Shaughnessy know, "Hey, I'm under sixty and I attend daily Mass," I say go for it! Here's his e-mail:


Blogger ~m2~ said...

Email sent. With a suggestion he try it, too :)


5:27 AM  

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