Sunday, June 11, 2006

Simple Joys

I'm in New Orleans for the weekend, and went to Mass this morning at Loyola University, where I taught for two years before moving on to studies at Weston. When I walked into Mass, I was immediately greeted enthusiastically by some of my formers students (yes, some of them are actually happy to see me :P). That made my day, and the Mass was pretty good too! It's just nice to be reminded now and then that you have had an impact on people's lives, and that they appreciate it. It doesn't happen everyday, and that's probably good, because then we wouldn't appreciate it as much.

It's good to have those places where you can count on the fact that people will be happy to see you. For me, the places where that is most apparent to me is here at Loyola, and at my sister's house. Even though they're getting older, my niece and nephews haven't gotten sick of me yet!


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