Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Seen the Beast?

There are those worthless souls who ignore the power of 666, who believe today -- June 6, 2006 -- is nothing more than another ordinary mark on the ordinary calendar. They will go about their lives, blind to the bloodcurdling evil all around.

Soon, the streets will fill with death and decay.

Soon, the anti-Christ will rise to render the Earth a mosh pit of despair -- an empty, rotted stink hole of evil mayhem brought about by all things satanic. Doom will reign! Faces will melt! The world will explode! Die! Die! Die!

Or maybe not . . .

read the rest of Jeff Pearlman's reflection on the significance--or lack thereof--of today's date.

The Vatican, he points out, doesn't "appear to be losing much sleep."


Blogger Diego said...

Good Day! :)

There are alot of emails saying that there will be an outbreak of satanic cults, kidnapping people and offering them as a sacrifice for June 6, 2006. They also say that there will be processions with people wearing a black robe with a print of a devils 5 pointed star...

But none of them are present during June 6, 2006...

Well... that's all i got to say...

Bye and GodBless!!! :)

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:16 AM  

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