Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's been interesting to watch the progress of our book, Just War, Lasting Peace so far. Encouragingly, on Pentecost it reached its highest overall Amazon ranking thus far. And, thankfully, people are finally starting to receive their copies, but slowly. Several of you have kindly reported that Amazon had sent you a shipping notification. However, I ordered a couple of copies a few weeks ago, just to get a bead on things, and have yet to receive them. So, like I said, they are getting out there slowly.

Among the current Amazon rankings of the book, it has reached #164 in the "War & Peace" category, and #168 in the "Church & State" category (I'm not sure why, but it is also listed in the "Epistemology" category). Among the interesting titles it is sandwiched in between at that level are:

Terrorism and International Justice by James Sterba
Rambo and the Dalai Lama by Gordon Fellman
All You Need is Love: The Peace Corps and the Spirit of the 1960s by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman
Hammarskjold by Brian Urquhart
A Handbook of International Peacebuilding by John Paul Lederach
Jefferson and Madison on the Separation of Church and State by Lenni Brenner
Answering Terror: Responses to War and Peace After 9/11/01 by Sharon Hoover
Genocide in Rwanda: Complicity of the Churches? by Carol Rittner
Between Pacifism and Jihad: Just War and Christian Tradition by J. Daryl Charles (which has been paired with our book as a "Better Together" selection)
Onward Christian Soldiers?: The Religious Right in American Politics by Clyde Wilcox

Interesting company, I especially like the title "Rambo and the Dalai Lama."


Blogger Steve Bogner said...

Got mine in the mail yesterday, an dlooking forward to reading it.

7:15 AM  

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