Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More on "Gimcrackery" About the Jesuits

Matthew Fish adds, with a rather lengthy post, to the discussion about Arrupe and the Jesuits. It's worth the time:

"I am referring to the current gimcrackery going on about the demise of the Society of Jesus, how the late Pedro Arrupe corrupted the Order, about how Jesuits have replaced the “salvation of souls” with peace and justice, how the Order should be suppressed and only a fool would join today, etc.

Two preemptory remarks: 1) this discussion is a wonderful example of how opinion and hearsay elevated to the grammar of real knowledge is one of the worst kinds of demagoguery; 2) I find that the Jesuits have become a wonderful scapegoat for people, as it is far easier to blame the Order than actually live in charity and solidarity in the Church, praying and fasting for the Body.

Those interested in actually fruitful criticism and judgment, and concerned with making a prudent and sensible evaluation of what is in fact the case, seem to be quite rare in these discussions."

read the whole thing.


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