Sunday, June 25, 2006

Interleague Play

Now I don't write much about sports here, but as a Red Sox fan I have to say I'm pretty pleased with interleague play. The Red Sox have won their last 8 games, and have only lost one game to a national league team this year! But the really striking thing, looking at the standings this morning, was that all but 2 American league teams won their last game, and several their last few! This, of course, would be impossible if they weren't in interleague play. Doesn't say much for the strength of the National league! Interleague play also means that Pedro Martinez returns to Fenway this week with his new team, the Mets. Will the fans be nice? Well, at least thery're sure to greet Pedro more nicely then traitor-of-the-year Johnny Damon! You should see all the creative slogans dreamt up in Damon's honor this year in Boston!

I just had a thought: Instead of bad-mouthing each other all the time, maybe the different factions within the Church need to come up with their own version of interleague play?! 'Course, we'd need some good umpires . . .


Blogger mamagiglio said...

Mark, I can't handle this right now. The Sox are on the verge of sweeping my Phils....

11:07 PM  

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