Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Comments From Brother Jesuits

Joe tells me that the comment he posted was in response to a post over at The Cafeteria is Closed. Here's the link. As usual in such discussions, not all the comments are so edifying, but I did find a couple other comments by brother Jesuits that I thought were helpful. These were in response to someone considering a vocation in the Society of Jesus. Here they are:

I am a Jesuit in formation from the New Orleans Province currently attending a summer school program where they prepare us to teach high school during our regency assignment. Of the six Jesuits in the program (some of whom are watching me type this), six of us don't find it hard "combining real concern for
peace and social justice (not mere posturing) with complete and
total faithfulness to the Magisterium." That isn't to say you wouldn't find struggles in this order (or any other), but the real picture isn't as bleak as some people enthusiastically paint it. After six years in the society, I am VERY optimistic about our future... In other words, listen to God and "be not afraid."

Jesuit John

I am a Jesuit..... I am always amazed at people who speak ill of the order and have no clue of what they speak. If the order is falling apart, why is it that the Jesuits still run the most well known and orthodox Pontifical University? Why are more Jesuits on staff at the Vatican then any other religious order? People should get the facts straight. I belong to a community that has many diffrent views, but we all take a vow of fidelity to the Holy Father.



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