Thursday, June 29, 2006

From One of My Jesuit Contemporaries . . .

Joe was kind enough to post this comment from one of my Jesuit contemporaries (I think I probably know who it is, but since Joe chose to keep him anonymous, I'm not telling either). You'll find it sounds like several things I've written before, which reassures me that I'm not the lone Jesuit voice crying out in the wilderness here. So, let me say, "Yeah, what he said" to this:

"I'm one year away from ordination in the Society of Jesus, which means I've been in a while, and it's certainly far from perfect. Z, believe me, you do not have to inform any young Jesuit of the problems of the Society. We face them daily. And we endure them to live out the vocation that God has called us to, trying to maintain hope and charity in all things. But as a Jesuit I have already been able to work hard in the new evangelization and seek to grow in holiness through a life of prayer and vows, as well as grow in my love of the Church and knowledge of her teachings. Most of all, I've been able to follow the most unlikely but exciting vocation I ever could have imagined.

It pains me to read the awful things people say about the Society, not because it's all lies, but because there's much truth in it all. But it's also not fair: there are over 3000 SJ's in America, and most are honest, hardworking priests who love the Church, seek to save souls, and never get in the newspaper or on TV. They say [not "celebrate" I love this guy already] Mass, hear confessions, teach classes, etc., etc. They are Jesuits, too.

The Jesuits did an extraordinary amount of good in the Church and the world for 400 years. The Pope is keeping us around because he wants, and needs, us to do that again. [I agree, I believe the Holy Father knows only the Jesuits can do what the Jesuits can do.]

The original point of this thread was a potential Jesuit vocation. The Society is for men God calls to it. It's not about testing ideological winds, or finding the most "perfect," comfortable place to spend one's life, but following God's call, even if it is difficult and less than ideal. For men who love the Church, love the Holy Father, and are zealous for souls, the Jesuits might be the place God is calling you. No doubt, it's not easy, but you can absolutely be faithful to the Church and the charism of St. Ignatius in the Society of Jesus. It is defintely not for everyone, however.

X has generously offered his contact. Mine's _____ Anyone thinking of the Jesuits find out about what we're really all about, and don't listen to all that hating."

Since the author's e-mail has been left out, I'll second the offer. You can write me via the e-mail link on my profile page.


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