Thursday, December 08, 2005

Shameless Self-Promotion: Just War, Lasting Peace

The latest issue of the Woodstock Theological Center's Woodstock Report includes an announcement of a forthcoming book, which I know you will all be very interested in!:

Woodstock's next book will be Just War, Lasting Peace, the results of a project undertaken in partnership with the U.S. Jesuit Conference. The book, to be released this spring by Orbis, originated with a November 2003 symposium sponsored by those two organizations.

While there is extensive debate over “the” just-war tradition, the forthcoming book examines three traditions or schools: that of strict non-violence or pacifism, the contemporary just-war perspective (which closely reflects developments in official Catholic teaching), and the classical just-war school. Noted proponents of the latter school have recently endorsed the idea of preventive warfare.

“We are aiming toward a broad audience, from college students and parishes to Sunday schools and justice-and-peace groups,” said senior fellow Dolores R. Leckey, the volume’s general editor. She collaborated with three coauthors: the Jesuit Conference’s John Kleiderer, Mark Mossa, S.J., and writer Paula Minaert.

More info on this and other upcoming Woodstock offerings can be found here.


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