Saturday, December 03, 2005

Passing on the Faith

Here I am, reporting from Rye, NY.

I'm at a meeting of the Fordham Center for American Catholic Studies' 3-year study on passing on the faith.

What a great crowd, about 100 people from places throughout the Church here to work together on how we can better pass on the faith to the younger generations. As you know if you're a regular blog reader, this is one of my passions. Members of the group will be publishing books and articles on the topic over the next few years. And we will be holding several symposia as well. So keep an eye out!

It's so great to spend a weekend with people who are concerned about the future of the Church and with better bringing Christ to our young people!

Please pray for our work!


Blogger Christine said...

Dude, say hi to mike hayes for me. :-) and keep the young adult ministry faith!

4:59 AM  

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