Monday, May 14, 2007

Me Me Me Me

Karen tagged me with this meme. So here goes:

1. Male or Female: Male

2. Married or Single (or religious): Single Religious

3. Dream vacation: In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius

4. Birthplace: Worcester, MA

5. Area I live in currently: Cambridge, MA

6. Someone you wish you could meet: Cormac McCarthy

7.Biggest "pet-peeve": Jewelry store commercials, especially around Christmas time. Message: If your significant other doesn’t buy you a huge diamond, he or she doesn’t really love you.

8.Favorite Religious devotion: Pilgrimage

9. Favorite Saint (besides the Blessed Mother): St. Ignatius of Loyola

10. Favorite sport that you play: Racquetball
That you watch: Football

11. Favorite food: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies or fresh South Carolina peaches, soft and dripping all over the front of me.

12. Tridentine or Novus Ordo: Novus Ordo

13. Would you (or are you) home school or public school: Catholic school

14. How many kids do you have: Hundreds from my youth ministry and teaching days and six in my current third-grade CCD class whom I affectionately refer to as “my kids.”

15.Ever been in an auto accident: Yes. Though never anything serious.

16.Ever seen a pope in person: Yes. John Paul II.

17.Languages that you know fluently: English, Spanish.

18.Last movie you saw in theatres: Spiderman 3

19. Next one you are planning on seeing: Away From Her (Based on a story by one of my favorite writers, Alice Munro)

20.Favorite Blog: This is like “Who’s your best friend?” I don’t answer that one either.

21.Your thoughts on Barney, the Easter bunny, and Santa Clause: Barney: Dinosaurs are supposed to be cool, not annoying and purple. The Easter Bunny: Bunnies don’t lay eggs, do they? Santa Clause (this is how Karen spelled it): Pretty funny and entertaining Tim Allen movie, but still my favorite is Galaxy Quest.


Blogger Garpu the Fork said...

I'm generally annoyed by Tim Allen, but I loved "Galaxy Quest." And as for diamond commercials: feh. I told the Hoopy Frood that I didn't want a diamond. One, I don't like diamonds. Two, he doesn't need to buy me jewelry to prove his love. (I think sticking by me during grad school is proof enough.) Three, you can't be certain they aren't mined with slave labor or used to fund organizations I can't get behind. If he feels the need to spend that much money, I'd rather he get something we can both enjoy.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank you for pointing out my spelling error, I needed that humbling experience. Too bad the red ink pen software hasn't been invented yet.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

Oh great pet peeve! Everytime I tell someone about jewelry store commercials they look at me like I have five heads. I'm so glad you wrote that!

I feel the same way so when Paul and I got engaged I refused a ring. I figure if he wanted to demonstrate sacrificing love he could bring me coffee every morning.

Galaxy Quest is a favorite movie in our bedlam. Every time we show it the kids walk around like giant octupi and start talking like Mathesar.

5:01 PM  
Blogger John C. Hathaway said...

My mom's "test" of my wife was giving me her engagement ring. WHen my parents got engaged, my father bought her a ring he couldn't afford, and she made him take it back for something smaller. My two brothers' (an MD and a Cornell business major) three fiances were all after money, all three wanted *bigger* rings, and all three relationships ended badly.

1:14 AM  

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