Monday, April 16, 2007

The Paulists Pack a Punch

So, will the Catholic League be up in arms about this?

Last night on The Sopranos, Christopher used the pictured Humanitas award, given by the Paulists, to whack J.T., the writer of his film "Cleaver," on the head (but he stopped short of 'whacking' him completely).

An article about the Humanitas Prize explains:

Humanitas is the Latin word for “humanity.” The Prize seeks to promote the full realization of humanity—the best instincts and values of the human spirit. “The fundamental value is the sacredness of the human person,” affirms Father Kieser. “Each of us is a replica of God. Each of us is a dwelling place of God and that gives us tremendous dignity.

“The Prize also propels us on a search for meaning,” he adds, “for freedom, for love, for human dignity, for unity with all our fellow human beings.”

For 25 years, the Prize has encouraged authors to examine these kinds of values.

Interesting . . .


Blogger Jennifer said...

Am I evil because I see a deeply amusing irony in that choice? :)

1:09 AM  

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