Saturday, November 11, 2006

Duh. Here's a Shocker

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' romantic Italian castle wedding is in jeopardy after the local priest refused to marry them.

The Hollywood couple allegedly have their heart set on tying the knot at Bracciano's Castello Odescalchi. The medieval castle, located on the shores of Lake Bracciano, near Rome, is considered to be one of Europe's finest.

But the Catholic priest with jurisdiction over the dreamy venue insists his parish won't marry the stars because Cruise is twice-divorced.

And mayor Patrizia Riccioni has ruled out a civil service because the pair have not provided the official documentation needed.

Monsignor Nicola Fiorentini says, "Cruise is divorced.

"Even if the actor were not divorced, another fundamental requirement to validate the rite would be missing: the authorization of the parish."

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Of course, his second marriage, at least, was apparently annuled. The greater concern--one would think--would be his commitment to scientology. Will he agree to bring little Suri up Catholic?


Blogger Bill said...

Cruise does not have to agree to raising any child Catholic. Nor does any other non-Catholic spouse. The promise to do all in one's power to raise one's child as a Catholic is a promise made only by the Catholic partner. The non-Catholic partner only has to be informed of this obligation.

7:01 PM  
Blogger St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Do these people not have "people" that look into these things for them? Before they make announcements? Maybe they've never run into someone with principles before? Wasn't Cruise a Catholic at some point in his younger life, so maybe he'd at least heard of marriage restrictions?

I think Suri's chances of being raised Catholic are as good as those of Cruise's other children were, prior to his divorcing their Catholic mother.

While we're looking into these things, when should I start worrying about the religious upbringing of the Spears/K-Fed offspring? I need to plan when I worry about these people (grin).

10:04 PM  
Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Will he bring her up Catholic?

Heck, I'd settle for, Will he bring her up non-whacked out?

Glad to see Italian priests have more guts than the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which let Al Copeland, founder of Popeye's and owner of multiple failed marraiges, get married in St. Louis Cathedral.

Mind you, I'm not for a hard line against divorced people. I just want nonwealthy people to have access to the same forgiveness that the wealthy have access to.

9:58 AM  

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