Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mountain Retreat

My escape from L.A. brought me to Denver. The Denver airport had a post office, so I took the opportunity to buy myself a set of those "super stamps" I referred to in a previous post. Then we made our way to Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia, CO. If you're looking for a nice place to make a retreat, I recommend it.

Thus began our 16 day "Arrupe Experience." About a week of discussion of issues related to priesthood, with a group of guest speakers which included recently ordained priests, a Scripture scholar who spoke about scriptural foundations of priesthood and a retired Bishop who shared insights from his perspective. Really helpful stuff.

Some of also took in a Colorado Rockies baseball game, and I even got out with a few of the other guys to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Miami Vice. The first is good for a laugh and, while not true of all in my party, I laughed a lot. The latter is intense, stylish, beautifully shot and, despite being confusing at points, was a good action flick. Very different, however, from the TV show.

I also had the opportunity to get to know a local couple who joined us several days for Mass, Janice and Ed Connell. It was one of those chance meetings in which we discovered we had mutual friends and struck up a friendship ourselves. Jan is the author of several books on Marian themes. The meeting seemed somewhat providential, so I'm guessing that there's still more to come of it.

Well, after all that came our eight days of silent retreat, which brought many graces and consolations. I feel pretty affirmed in my call to priesthood, but Jesus had a few suggestions to make about how I might further prepare myself for ordination. Personally, I hope to commit to taking advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation more often. I also explored a desire I feel to do more in the way of evangelization, especially to young adults who aren't connected with the Church for whatever reason. After the retreat finished, we had an opportunity to share some of the graces of our retreats with each other in small groups. It's always such a privilege and a grace to hear how God is working in the lives of others!

It was a beautiful time, in a beautiful setting. Please pray with me that the graces of my retreat, and of those of my brother Jesuits, will help us in the coming years to be the priests that God wishes us to become, and that the Church needs.


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Sounds like it was indeed an enriching and invigorating experience, thanks be to God.

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