Saturday, April 22, 2006

My First Blurb

Jim Martin's not my only friend with a new book out, so it's only fair I give equal time.

Indeed, I even gave this one a little endorsement of my own. Brian, the author, sent me his pages before the book came out. I felt privileged to have an early look. He put me in contact with his publisher, who asked me for some thoughts on.

Well, today I was in the Harvard Coop bookstore and there it was. So, I opened it up, and there in the opening pages, amidst a bunch of people far more well-known than I, was my humble opinion! Brian is of evangelical Protestant background and is one of the leaders in what is now known as the "emerging church" movement. His latest book is a reflection on the life, ministry, and message of Jesus, especially with regard to the kingdom of God. Though I think some Catholics would resonate with many of the things he has to say, it's some fairly radical stuff for the evangelical community, and so a bit controversial. But it's a good help to anyone interested in reflecting on the implications of our faith in Jesus on the way we live our lives today. Brian is also not a professional theologian, so the language is accessible, and the wisdom apparent.

I met Brian a little over a year ago, because it just so happens that his wife was the college roommate of a very close friend of mine. Go figure. Anyway, it's a good read for the Easter season, and it has a title that's very apt for a time when we are being subject to all the DaVinci code hoopla: The Secret Message of Jesus. But don't just take my word for it. Have a look at those opening pages and you'll see a whole bunch of people besides me telling you it's a good read!

And, in case you're wondering about my book. I'm told that we can expect it on April 28.


Blogger Gashwin said...

Darnit Mark --- more books to read! :)

"Brian is also not a professional theologian, so the language is accessible, and the wisdom apparent."

Heh. Now now, there are professional theologians who write accesssibly. Hmm .... ok. Luke Johnson. He's a biblical scholar though. The real theologians are probably all Rahneresque ... :-)

7:55 AM  
Anonymous A said...

Mark, I ordered your book last week from Amazon, and the latest e-mail says it will ship around May 1st, so I'm looking forward to it. :)

8:53 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Gashwin: Unless they're Balthasarian. (It's a long story. You can dig in my blog archives if you want to hear it.)

Mark: That books sounds like fun. Especially to a recovering protestant like me. Thanks. Your book will be my first book after my trip. Nothing like lying out by the pool and reading about war.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous A said...

I might like to check in your blog archives about Urs von Balthasar, et. al., but can find no indication of where I might find those blog archives (i.e. a link) were I so inclined.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Huck said...

Mark - I came your way via Amy Welborn's "openbook" blog and wanted to say hello and to thank you for linking to Semillas, a Catholic Social Justice site out of New Orleans. Our blog has been defunct for a while (not surprising given what we've been going through over the past 8-9 months) but I'm trying to get it going. And along with it, our Orbis Book Club. I'm going to suggest that we next tackle your new book, because it looks great.

By the way, I am Jesuit educated (JHS-New Orleans, and Georgetown University) and my younger brother is a Jesuit Brother out of the New Orleans Province for more than 10 years now. If you ever find yourself in New Orleans, please do be in touch.

Anyway, just a note of greeting and thanks.

5:20 PM  

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