Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Those Darn Jesuits . . . Over There

With Karen Hall's creation of "A Little Battalion," you could say that, in a sense, my "Those Darn Jesuits" feature has been outsourced. So, you'll not only find me chiming in here, but you can catch me waxing away over there about things Jesuit. (I can hear some of you groaning--watch it!)

There have been a couple of posts there in the last few days which certainly fit the "Those Darn Jesuits" mold, so you should check out the posts by Joe, Steve and Karen. There's also a new contribution from yesterday by me.

I've added a link for A Little Battalion in the sidebar so you can easily check it out from time to time.


Blogger Karen said...

You are assigned to figure out which one of us is spelling "battalion" or "batallion" incorrectly.

1:52 AM  

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