Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Than Five Sets of Five Things

Jenn has tagged me (and since she'll be moving to Boston soon I better comply), so here goes:

Five Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

--Be ordained a priest
--Write a novel or two
--Visit Africa
--Be in a movie

Five Things I Can Do

--Write well
--Play Pool
--Curl my tongue
--Recite Portia's speech from The Merchant of Venice (The quality of mercy is not strained . . .)
--Four Degrees from Kevin Bacon (six is too easy)

Five Things I Cannot Do

--Abide the frequent misspelling of lose as "loose"
--Support war, the death penalty, abortion or euthanasia
--Be perfect
--Eat Menudo

Five Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

--Sense of Humor
--Anything more might be scandalous

Five Things I Say Most Often

--Whoo-ah! (I think I picked it up from Scent of a Woman)
--That's . . . interesting.
--Want to go to a movie?
--You duped me Lord!
--What does God want for you/me?

Five Celebrity Crushes

Five People I Want To Do This

You know who you are.


Blogger angelmeg said...

Okay I see why you have crushes on these women, the eyes really get you don't they.


10:05 AM  

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