Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Videos for the Prayer-Impaired: Pray the Angelus

If, like me, you sometimes find yourself embarassed because you don't know some of the traditional prayers that people are praying, we may have hit upon a great boon!

The Daughters of St. Paul are YouTubing (?) and have produced this nice video version of The Angelus.

Thanks to Intentional Disciples for bringing it to my attention (check them out too!).


Blogger Joe said...


Thanks for this YouTubery! Having been catechized in the late 1970s, we weren't taught "classical" prayers like the Angelus. Instead we had long discourses on whether felt or burlap would have been the material of choice, had Christ had decided to have gone into banners during his earthly ministry.

We also had long discourses into whether a regular acoustic guitar or a 12-string had pride of place at Mass. (We were told pretty flatly that Vatican II expressly forbade the banjo and ukulele, though.)



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