Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Best Catholic Writing 2006

You've probably seen these collections of the year's best short stories, essays, etc. Well, the last few years there has been a yearly volume of the Best Catholic Writing. I'd be lying if said I didn't hope that just perhaps something of mine might end up there, but it hasn't happened . . . until now.

Well, sort of. You won't actually find my full name in the volume. I'm half anonymously riding the coattails of Amy Welborn, whose post "Are Young Catholics Embracing Orthodoxy" made the volume. The byline is "Amy Welborn and others," and I'm one of the "others," identified only as "Mark." The post and selected comments are included pgs. 29-36 of The Best Catholic Writing 2006, edited by Brian Doyle. And, while my true identity will be shrouded in mystery for many, I do have the satisfaction of getting the final word, my comments completing the entry on page 36.

And, who knows, perhaps I'll make it on my own next time!


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