Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why I Asked For Prayers

I've deleted my post asking prayers for the Legionaries of Christ. Perhaps it was not the most carefully written post. It was interpreted in ways it was never intended. And the responses were just plain mean, impugning my integrity, and my vocation. Because I asked for prayers.

I have my problems with some of the ways the Legionaries of Christ do things. People have problems with some of the ways Jesuits do things. I'm glad that some action was finally taken by the Vatican on Maciel's case. It probably should have happened sooner. I am glad for his victims, and my prayers are with them.

But, and maybe this makes me "too much a cleric" as a friend insinuated, I also see there are other victims in this--the Legionaries themselves, who idolize Maciel. Unless they are in complete denial (and surely some of them are), this has to be quite a blow to them and a challenge to their vocation which, presumably, was not to Maciel, but to Jesus Christ. Those good men who allow themselves to consider that the charges are true will be hurt and shaken. Is it wrong to pray for them? This was the intent of my post.

If it were suddenly discovered that Saint Ignatius was guilty of some unspeakable crime, I would be hurt, and shaken. I would wonder about the foundation of my vocation. The call is from Jesus Christ, but in a religious community the founder holds a special place. Questions about the integrity of one's founder are going to have an effect on the community.

If it were Ignatius whose integrity was in question, I would hope there would be somebody praying for me.

This is just FYI. I'm invoking my no comment prerogative on this one.

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