Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Prayers Please--Nigeria Plane Crash

You may have heard about the plane crash in Nigeria. It's kind of hit home here because there are a few Nigerian Jesuits here, and about 65 of the victims of the crash were students at our Jesuit high school there, Loyola Jesuit College. It's a terrible tragedy. One of the religious sisters from Nigeria studying here lost her niece in the crash also. Your prayers for the victims and their families would be appreciated. Here's a report from a Jesuit in Nigeria:

“By this time most of you would have heard the news of the air crash involving many of our LJC students. Today, Saturday, about 75 of our students boarded a Sosaliso plane from Abuja to Port Harcourt. About a dozen got off in Enugu. The plane was landing in Port Harcourt in a rainstorm, and some reports say it caught fire before landing, but we don't know for sure. But it crashed on the runway, broke into pieces, and fire consumed almost everyone. Out of 110 people only about 7 survived, including one LJC student who was taken to the hospital very badly burned. We believe somewhere between 63 and 65 of our students were killed, but still do not have confirmation. The accident took place at about 2:30 this afternoon. We still have only preliminary reports - news agencies in Nigeria are still not allowed to carry the story. Marc R and George Q hope to go to Port Harcourt on Monday and begin the difficult process of trying to console the families. Peter S is on retreat in Cape Coast, but we hope he will be back on the scene as soon as possible. Please remember the souls of these children in your prayers, and remember the grief-stricken families who have so much pain to try to process at this time.”


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My prayers are with them...

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