Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Midnight Pontiff

The Man who brought us Midnight Cowboy and Angelina Jolie will star in a mini-series as Pope John Paul II. He's come a long way, leaving behind old sidekick Ratso Rizzo, for his new sidekick, Ratzinger.

Can you see Dustin Hoffman walking through the streets of Rome with his red hat, screaming, "I'm walking here!"? No, they haven't cast Dustin Hoffman as Cardinal Ratzinger, but wouldn't it be funny?!


Anonymous "Omis" said...

LOL...great segue! Ratzo Rizzo to Ratzinger!

The NYTimes had a good review comparing the two upcoming versions on competing networks ABC and CBS. John Voight is in the CBS version, which has the involvement of Opus Dei and a script vetted by the Vatican, while the ABC version claims to not avoid controversy by showing a more human side to JP2.

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