Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Perils of Spell Check

As one who is picky about grammar and spelling, I have to say I appreciate the following "poem." I'm definitely going to save this for when I'm teaching again!

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly Marx four my revue
Miss steaks eye can knot sea.

Eye strike quay and type a word.
And weight four it two say
Weather I eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is made
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the era rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter- perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

-Source unknown

via The Peeping Thomists, with thanks.


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