Thursday, May 18, 2006

Review of Just War, Lasting Peace

Chris Tessone may be the first person besides those of us that worked on the book to read it all the way through! He offers a review on his blog:

The resounding voice of this resource on war and peace is that another way is possible, that people of faith can draw on the strength that comes from their relationship to God in order to establish a more peaceful, grace-filled world. The voice of contemporary just war and pacifist adherents seems to be strongest here in the presumption of many contributors against violence, but everywhere in the volume one can find hope, as well as specific suggestions, for lasting peace for all peoples. I sincerely hope others will read this book and continue talking about and working toward that end.

I definitely recommend checking it out. The whole world's rapidly increasing level of hatred and violence is one of the most important problems we face as a church family. This book is one of those rare resources that has something challenging and enriching to say to just about everyone, and it provides some nice program aids as well.

read the whole thing.

Thanks Chris!!


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If you haven't yet seen it, check it out:


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