Friday, March 03, 2006

Mark's Oscar Picks

The Oscars is one of my yearly rituals. I don’t watch any other awards show, but I never miss The Oscars. I haven’t missed an Oscar broadcast in over ten years. I’m not exactly sure why it is so enticing. Probably because it celebrates one of my favorite things—movies!

So, here are my Oscar “predictions.” For each category I’m going to offer two thoughts: Who probably will win, and who should win.

Best Actor

Will win: Heath Ledger
Should win: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Best Actress

Will win: Reese Witherspoon
Should win: Felicity Huffman

Best Supporting Actor

Will win: Paul Giamatti
Should win: Matt Dillon

Best Supporting Actress

Will win: Rachel Weisz
Should win: Amy Adams

Best Director

Will win: Ang Lee
Should win: Paul Haggis

Best Animated Feature Film

Will win: Wallace & Gromit
Should win: Wallace & Gromit

Adapted Screenplay

Will win: Brokeback Mountain
Should win: The Constant Gardener

Original Screenplay

Will win: Crash
Should win: Crash

Best Picture

Will win: Brokeback Mountain
Should win: Crash

Now, of course, this is a tough year to call. There are a number of dark horse candidates that just could surprise everyone. Also, George Clooney is nominated in 3 categories, so this might push him ahead in the minds of some voters.

I would be happy to be wrong on everything. Oscar night is a lot more fun when things aren’t so predictable!


Blogger mamagiglio said...

I love watching the Oscars, too. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of these movies. I'm praying for Jon Stewart. He's great, but he agreed to host the hardest show in the world.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Talmida said...

OH my gosh, I hope you're wrong too! I've loved Hoffman ever since he upstaged De Niro in "Flawless". I can't wait to see Capote.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Estefanía said...

Unfortunately, many movies have their release due here in Caracas, so I can´t comment on the nominated movies.

What has been your favourite host opening number in the last years?

Mine is 2004: Billy Crystal.. "I dearly loved the Lord of the Rings.. so I downloaded it.. last night, all right!"

Or something like that ^^;

12:19 PM  
Blogger angelmeg said...

I think Crash deserves the Oscar and I hope it wins, but it will be an uphill climb since Brokeback came out.

Crash was amazing, I walked away from the theater stunned and speachless, and for me that is something!


6:16 PM  
Anonymous "omis" said...

I think Brokeback may very well win for best picture, but I don't think it will sweep, exceptions being for cinematography and Michelle Williams.

As for Huffman, I went to see Transamerica today, but a fire alarm sounded about 30 minutes in and we had to leave the building. From what I saw, though, she was amazing, and she may be a surprise win. This is definitely the year for the "outsider" flick.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

I think the only picture i've seen that's been nominated for anything is The Constant Gardner which was amazing. Hopefully I will get to see Capote at some point. I think Hoffman is a terrific actor.

Usually I only watch The Oscars if there are movies I'm especially rooting for, but this year even though I have no faves I MUST watch because da' man is hosting! YAY JON STEWART!!

2:58 AM  
Blogger Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I have removed an offensive comment left by an anonympus commentor which appeared above, but have saved it to perhaps comment on later.

I have also removed Omis' comment in response, but have saved that as well.

I don't have time to comment this morning. So, if I choose to say something, it will be later today.

In the meantime, anonymous friends, if you're going to leave a snide comment, at least do us the courtesy of identifiying yourself.



10:06 AM  

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