Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What to do for Lent?

You'll find a bevvy of great suggestions, and links, from Lisa at Second Thoughts:

"This year, let’s fast from behaviors that take us away from our families and loved ones (nights at the gym, extra hours in the workplace and so on), and focus more consciously and intently on behaviors that make us better people and thus better followers of Jesus Christ. Let’s fast once a week or more often, if you desire, from our nightly TV shows, or

from the hour or two we spend surfing the Internet. Turn off the computer. Put down the newspaper or magazine. Hide the TV remote. Instead let’s spend time with our families and loved ones and add one or two new spiritual practices to our daily routine. Cook for an elderly neighbor or single mom. Run an errand for someone homebound or who has a disability. . . "

Check out the whole thing.


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