Monday, October 15, 2007

Who Wants to Be America's Next Top Writer?

I received this ad in my e-mail today for a school trying to recruit people to come there and study writing.

I'm sure all you writers out there will agree that the writing life is as glamorous as it looks!

Certainly this ad proves that advertising your writing program is more than words!


Blogger Karen said...

This makes me think about one night, on Roseanne, when we were eating dinner in the writers room eating take-out dinner at 3 a.m.; one of the writers had turned the trashcan upside down and had his styrofoam food container on top of the trashcan and was eating out of it and he said, "Is this glamour or what?"

Right now it's 11:15 p.m. and I'm wearing black sweatpants, (covered in cat hair, dog hair and vast number of identifiable tiny white objects; a REALLY baggy t-shirt with the logo from Caleb's elementary school and a big black spot that may or may not be ink, socks that have twisted around so that the heels are on the top of my ankles, and my hair looks like I just came in from one of those MAJOR hurricanes that we didn't have again this year. (I have a bad tendency to take my writing frustrations out on my hair.)

But when I was in college, in one those swanky writing programs...

...I looked a whole lot worse.

11:24 PM  
Blogger angelmeg said...

Presently I'm in my bedroom in a ratty old nightgown because I didn't get very good sleep last night so I slept really late this morning and had to get to work on my essays right away. Books are piled all over the place and the kids are screaming because they all need something, and I could really use a shower but I have to get something written pretty soon because I have a deadline.

I would love to go to one of those nice little coffee houses but I seriousely doubt that the management would appreciate if I spread out fifteen books on philosophy all over the tables and paced around like a madwoman beating my fists against my temples as I try to get this paper written. I think maybe it will be smarter if I just stay here. I suppose at least the tag line is right. Writing is about more than words.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Random commenter here... I was searching for the Jeremiah passage your blog is named after because it was in the movie "Into Great Silence."

On the poster, I would replace "it's more than words" with "even cheerleaders can do it."

2:47 PM  

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