Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aha! Mechanically Separated Meat

I can't help but take notice when I see the acronym MSM, as it's my monogram! The S is for Steven, if you must know.

I've been seeing it on blogs for months and figured, like WSJ, it referred to some publication (though I couldn't even begin to come up with a name for said publication). So, finally, today I started to do some digging. Turns out, besides Mark Steven Mossa, it can mean a number of things (thanks to Wikipedia):

# Mainstream media
# Manhattan School of Music, a conservatory in New York City
# Material Specification Management
# Mechanically separated meat

To name a few. Though now, thank God, I know what to do when I want to abbreviate "mechanically separated meat," I have a feeling its use, when it comes to Catholic bloggers, may be to indicate the first (and for some it can be further defined as anything that is not Fox News).

And, hey, even if it is MSM, I still like my NYT!


Blogger St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...


I work in Public Health and have to re-focus my eyes when I read the term MSM in Catholic Blogs, since MSM means, to us in Preventive Health and Epidemiology, Men who have Sex with Men.

figures you could substitute meanings and not see much difference in posts by some commentors in St. Blog's. ;-)

9:53 PM  

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