Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reilly Disputes Catholic New Service Article

In the interest of fairness, I want to point out that Patrick Reilly contends in the article below that we have been duped by the Catholic New Service regarding his recent remarks. Evidently it's CNS vs CNS. I can't find the press release on the Cardinal Newman Society website, but Reilly offers the full text in his comments on the previous post. Here's part of what he has to say:

In the article, Bono falsely quotes Reilly as claiming that the Cardinal Newman Society exercises a “concurrent magisterium,” a term that suggests the organization is somehow separate from the Church. While interviewing Reilly on February 2, Bono claimed that unnamed critics had accused the Society of attempting to establish a “parallel magisterium” to the bishops. Reilly insisted that the Society acts not separate from the bishops but with complete fidelity to Catholic teaching and respect for the bishops’ authority. The Society has struggled to defend the bishops against academic officials and faculty who oppose the Church’s oversight of Catholic higher education.

In his letter to Spence, Reilly writes that the “irresponsible” article “attacks” the Cardinal Newman Society. Reilly notes that the Catholic News Service’s “appearance of objectivity” is diminished because the Service “recently sought to engage the Cardinal Newman Society in a similarly ludicrous legal dispute -- an attempt to force us to abandon use of our acronym ‘CNS’.”

In case you were confused, he's not talking about last night's multiple Grammy winner Bono of U2, but the author of the disputed article.


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