Monday, February 06, 2006

E-Mails Appreciated

I've received a number of thoughtful and encouraging e-mails lately from readers of the blog. It's a pleasure and a privilege to get "off-blog" with someone, get to know them a little better, answer a question. I especially like it because sometimes the confines of the comments box can give a false impression of people and one tends to read in (as some have been known to do with me) things that are not there. I do try to answer all the e-mails I get, though there is the occasional nasty e-mail that doesn't just seem worth my time (these are usually people that have already made up their mind about whatever they are writing about). Thankfully, the nasty ones are few.

In a couple of recent e-mails people have expressed concern that I might post what they've written to my blog. It's probably good to play it safe that way. But I wanted to make it clear that I consider personal e-mails to be just that, personal. Therefore, it is my policy not to make public on my blog anything that I have received in a personal e-mail. If for some reason I wanted to post something you've written to me via e-mail on my blog, I would ask your permission. So, you needn't hesitate to write me for fear that what you've written might end up on my blog.

Thanks to all of you who have written, and all of you that contribute to the discussions here.


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