Friday, January 27, 2006

The Latest on the Frey Saga--Oprah Can Be Tough Too

I don't watch Oprah, but not to worry, the NYT brings us up to date on the latest:

No debate about the meaning of memoirs and memory will clear the air around James Frey, the author of "A Million Little Pieces," and his publisher, Nan Talese of Doubleday. But what happened yesterday on Oprah Winfrey's couch came close. In a remarkable moment of television, Ms. Winfrey did what we have so often waited for public figures to do: she admitted openly that she had made a mistake in supporting Mr. Frey. Then she did her best to force him, and Ms. Talese, to admit the extent of his deception and the publisher's failure.

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Blogger Fitz said...

Mark Mossa

Attorney Discerning

I was reading you post below about your attending Loyola University in New Orleans.
I went to undergrad in New Orleans at Loyola myself.
I was a philosophy major, and enjoyed the experience immensely. Later on (after several years of working) I got a law degree at Michigan State.
I also read the Brew ha-ha concerning Fr Nehaus’s First Things Article.
(I am not interested in joining that fray – although that’s what lead me to your site)

Well, my point in writing you is I am thinking of joining the Jesuits. (Well I’m discerning the priesthood in general and the Jesuit Order in particular)
I would appreciate your help very much in this regard
(To throw you in my mix of Priests, Friends, Family & Seminarians who are giving me advice and council) I’m going to be making a move on some seminary & order before fall of 06.

As a side note- My Uncle is a Priest down their at Loyola and teaches at the University… You may know him or not…Are you currently down there or back in Boston?

Anyway, just thought I would establish initial contact.
(I set up a blog – just so I could comment to you. Feel free to put this comment in the previous post if you like. I don’t have any real thoughts on Oprah or A Million Little Pieces)
Wait… I take that back… It’s a good thing that this has been exposed and renounced
(We should always maintain the distinction between fact & fiction.)

Best Regards (respond at your leisure)

Patrick J. Fitzgerald Esq.

1:58 PM  

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